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We are a Full service Brokerage firm BRE & NMLS Licensed

Direct Hard Money Lenders

HML investments team- Commercial hard money lenders

Hard Money Lenders & Trust Deed Investments Group

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Who we are?

Learn more about HML investments Hard Money Lending programs and our team.  If you are looking for the Direct source then you need to talk to us. We are direct Hard Money Lenders and Trust deed investments specialists. We assist Real Estate investors in California and may consider other states as well depends on the deal. Our Hard Money Loans programs are based on equity alone, so if you have bad credit and low income we will still qualify you. Here is a short video about our company and how we can help you with your next Hard Money project.

We are the most aggressive Hard Money Lenders in California

Our Rates start @ 7.5% Interest Only and we fund our hard money loans in just 5 days or less depends on the deal. We really don’t ask for much documentation. As savvy Hard Money Lenders all we require is EQUITY in the property. Bad credit and low income are OK with us, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any hard money lending questions you have and our loan specialists will assist you. Call our Los Angeles office today: 818-308-4443

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Before Applying with California Hard money Lenders

Learn about our qualifications and requirements watching this short video and if you still have a question let us know.

Our Programs

Owner Occupied & Non Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans
Commercial Hard Money Loans– Purchase & Refinance.
Residential Hard Money Loans– Purchase & Refinance.
Construction Bridge Loans
Hard Money 2nd’s
Fix & Flip Hard Money Lending

Learn the Difference between hard money and conventional lending

We get many phone calls from potential borrowers asking about conventional loans. As we do offer conventional lending solution to our clients, we want you to understand the difference between hard money loan and conventional loan. Conventional loan is a loan from a bank that is regulated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, these type of loans are highly regulated. These type of loans are all Full Doc, so you will have to show income, credit, ownership type, etc. Hard Money loans are easier because our strategy is very simple, you give us equity in your property and we will not look at the rest of the information requested by conventional lenders. I’m sure you already see the value working with hard money lenders. Our short video talks about it, if you still have question please don’t hasitate to contact us

How HML Investments determined Interest Rates and Fees

HML investments determine the rates and fees by looking at the subject property, location, condition, LTV, skin in the game, etc. We are all about the equity. The more risk we have in the project, the higher the Rate and fees will be. We don’t mind taking risk as we are hard money lenders, California is where we are looking to invest. Watch this video to understand more about how we determine interest rates and fees and contact us if you have more questions.

scotsman guide magazine hard money by yanni raz

scotsman guide magazine hard money by yanni raz

HML investments founder and CEO Yanni Raz is also a write for the Scotsman Guid Magazine. This Magazine is the largest distribution for financial specialists in the nation. Yanni Raz educate Loan officers, financial specialists and hard money lenders across the nation about Hard Money Loans. Education is our top priority, “You must learn more about the hard money business before investing with anyone” Yanni says. You can read some of the Articles he wrote in the past year- View below links.

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