Servicing the US nationwide, the HML Investments team leverages its experience to ensure that our borrowers are always getting elite-level service and highly competitive interest rates. And, because we understand that not everyone has stellar credit, we take the time to understand your situation. This opens doors that many property investors didn’t know existed!

Our reputation has created an array of borrowing opportunities for our associates. Those interested in purchasing homes, exploiting a commercial location, or lowering interest rates and payments can take advantage of our network.

Our loan types include:

  • Conventional Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Equity Line of Credit
  • Hard Money (Commercial and Residential)

Our Goal

Because our team initially entered the industry as property investors, we have an “insider’s view” on the purchasing process. As we purchased and moved countless properties, one element of the industry always proved difficult: financing.

As our organization evolved, we began adding the necessary departments to provide incredible care for our borrowers. Conventional loans make up a large segment of our business, as we continue to help first-time homeowners, existing owners, or those dabbling in commercial real estate for the first time find the funding necessary to purchase or refinance properties.

A Modern Lender for the Modern Real-Estate Environment

By leveraging technology to the fullest extent, HML Investments has all of the tools to conduct proper research, reduce processing times, and ensure that borrowers are getting some of the best rates available for their given situation.

Our organization continues to utilize social media outlets and our blog to keep our associates informed of changes within the real estate marketplace. Also active in social media, our team strives to deliver as much education as we do opportunity!

Yanni Raz, our primary loan broker, is a fixture within the industry. As a regular submission writer for the Scotsman Guide financial magazine for more than a year, he continues to accurately predict the real estate market, while giving investors the necessary information to seize opportunity when it arises.

Credentials You Can Count On!

The HML Investments team is fully licensed, incredibly professional, and quite experienced. In an era in which most financial institutions turn away investors seeking capital, we seek to bridge the proverbial gap, creating opportunities, and assisting those who share our passion: real estate.

With loans ranging from $100,000 to $10 Million, we are certain that we can help you get the quick investment money you need to acquire a property, turn a profit, and move onto the next! It’s the reason we’re here, and we look forward to embarking on your next investment journey with you!

What Our Clients Say

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