Becoming a Lion

HML is offering 3 tiers for partners to become Lions with the company, here are the tiers levels, which is yours?

Referring Lion

You can refer us hard money loans and get paid for them 10% of what we make for your marketing efforts.

Affiliate Lion

You can work with us as an affiliate and make 25% off of what we make but you’ll get more involved with the lions in the process of closing loans, you’ll be able to talk to all the team(40 hungry Lions that will love to help you). As an affiliate you will have to have basic knowledge so you can start getting business your way, we will give you some direction of course to help as much as we can.

Actual Lion

 You can become an actual LIONand you get paid 50% commission on your deals, plus leads from HML when we feel you are ready to close(on our leads we are paying 25% commission to you). As a full LION you will:

  • Learn how to close hard money deals from A to Z yourself
  • You’ll be introduced to all our investors and family offices and hedge funds.
  • You will get full training and support from the whole team included our loan officers, management, underwriters, processors, branch managers.

To be qualified to become a member you must first Graduate the hard money academy: 

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