Appraisal not necessary for most Loans, the most important thing is equity!

Fix & Flip

HML Investments fix-and-flip loans give you a reliable funding source to purchase new investments properties and fund up to 100% of the rehab costs

Residential & Family Rentals

Our residential SFR product is flexible to meet the needs of new and experienced real estate investors. Perfect for the BRRR investor, buy and hold projects, or refinance cash outs. Access long-term financing with support from our team of SFR experts.


Fast, Flexible, and Common Sense Commercial Private Money Loans.

HML Investmetns provides commercial private money loans financing commercial real estate investment properties up to $20,000,000. As a direct commercial private money lender, we provide pre-approvals in 24 to 48 hours and fund loans in five to seven days after receiving your application and documentation.


Multifamily Bridge, Value Add, or Stabilization Loans.

When speed, flexibility, and execution are important to get the deal done experienced investors rely on HML Investments for their multifamily acquisitions.

Ground Up Construction Loans

Our residential and commercial ground up construction products are perfect for experienced investors looking to save money by using our line of credit style construction loans. Pay as you go, don’t pay interest on what you don’t use!

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans for any purpose – much faster than a bank!